What will you gain?

Here are some of the benefits you will receive by being a part of Swiftweb EAC today !

1)   Most competitive rates across the region

We take pride in ensuring that our customers’ needs are at the front of the Swiftweb Wagon, therefore, we present the most competitive rates across the region

2)     Charges are readily available on our website in the currency of your preference (TZ Sh, UG Sh or Kshs)

3)     Reach over 150million people in the region alone, not to mention worldwide!

The EAC has over 150 million people in it. With the sservices we offer, you can tailor-make messages to specific target audiences and enlarge your presence!

4)     Reliable services with Swiftweb EAC no matter where you are in the EAC

Our services are literally at your finger-tips, no matter where you are.

5)     Wonderful and prompt customer support and feedback no matter where you are

We have gone the extra mile and set up interactive forums (such as a Face book page, a twitter handle (@swiftwebtech) a blog and a live support feed via which you can receive all the assistance you need

6)    Unique and eye-catching web design

Visit our Portfolio and learn more!

7)    Unrivaled expertise

Our team of highly qualified web designers, SEO masters and IT support staff are ready and willing to welcome you onto the Swiftweb wagon.

8)    Help achieve the Millennium Development Goals
Specifically, Goal number 8 : a GLOBAL Partnership for Development

Swiftweb has actively embraced the idea of the EAC and is looking forward to a time where there will be no boundaries when it comes to development on a global level.

9)  Exploit the opportunities in the EAC

We are opening the EAC market up for you and enabling you ease of access to hundreds of opportunities.

Well, if you were paying attention, you’ve realized that those are nine reasons !

Feel free to comment and post about the benefits that you have enjoyed by being a part of the Swiftweb team!


What you’ve been waiting for!

Since we, at Swiftweb, are innovative and all for development, we did a fair amount of thinking (read as countless hours of research, over-time and sleepless nights) and finally, EUREKA!

Drum roll please?

We proudly present to you, Swiftweb EAC.

During our fair amount of thinking (mentioned above) we came to the realisation that the UN was definitely on to something when they came up with the MDG’s (Millenium Development Goals), in order to create a better world in which there is less death, despair and destitution, and we didn’t want to be left behind.

With Millennium Development Goal NUMBER 8 in mind, (A Global Partnership For Development) we bring to you Swiftweb EAC (East African Community).

We have ventured forth into uncharted territory and now bring to you, not only .ke, but also .tz and .ug TLD domain name registration, email hosting, web design,  (and many other services) right from the heart of Kenya.

As a part of the worldwide Globalization process, we are proud to exhibit our support for the EAC which aims to take advantage of and utilize the power that a common market gives the region. Therefore, if you are a person who has been entrepreneurial enough to exploit the massive opportunities in the region, this is exactly what you have been waiting for !

Whether you deal with Insurance, run a small business, or are the proud owner of a Tour and Travel company (that happens to frequent the EAC) this is precisely what you’ve been waiting for!

By providing you with country-specific domains, we are opening the market up for you and allowing you to expand your business in order to reach the exact target audience you want. By utilizing the services we have brought to you, you will be able to create a presence among markets that consist of over 100million people in the target market of your specification.

Expand your business today and don’t be left behind; visit our website or contact us today and find out more about the services we offer!

Ten Benefits of Joining the Siftweb Team

Ten Benefits of joining the Swiftweb bandwagon

1)      Most competitive rates:

At Swiftweb, we endeavour to provide you with the best services, at affordable prices, giving all of our customers an unrivaled value for money.

2)      Professional services:

At Swiftweb, we offer the most professional services. You will never regret becoming a part of our team.

3)      Client Centered:

We strive to give the client what they desire and require. We are not satisfied until the client is satisfied.

4)      Strike a balance between professionalism and usability:

We know that you need a professional loooking site, but at the same time, we strive to ensure that it not only looks good, but  is user-friendly as well.

5)      Creative and Innovative :

At Swiftweb, we take pride inn creating material that is different, bold and industrious.

6)      Partnerships:
At Swiftweb, we have realised that there is power in working with other organisations to reach specific goals. As a customer of ours, this means that you will get the best service that is available.

7)     Decryption:

We know that not everyone is particularly tech savvy, therefore, we take it upon ourselves to make your life easier by being your guides into the complicated world that is Information Technology.

8)      We are here to serve you:

You, the customer, are the reason for our existence. We are here to serve you.

9)      Cater to your specific needs:

We consider each client to be an individual, that has their own expectations and requirements. It is our duty to make sure that these are satisfied.

10)  Experienced Personnel:

Our team has a wide range of gifted and experienced personnel, whose primary priority is to ensure that our customers are happy.


“Websites have become the popular way of presenting the public face of an organization” Heiinemann (2001)


Do yourself a favour and make sure the “face” you present to the world is all you want it to be with Swiftweb.