Computers are changing the way we live!

As much as Swiftweb continues to be the premier provider of a constantly increasing range of innovative internet solutions to our customers and community, sometimes, it is impossible not to marvel at how computers are changing the way we live, work, and generally function.

The other day, a relative found me on facebook and sent a request, using her I-phone. Just so you get some perspective on the situation, she is not a day older than 8 years old. I mean, it took me a while to find my way around a “Mulika Mwizi“, but now 8-year-olds are able to use I-phones…

Honestly speaking, Facebook only became a reality for me when I was in high school….

Perhaps this has to do with the fact that that it came out when I was at that stage in my life, (now you have a vague idea of how ol- I mean young I am) and goodness knows I tried not to go with the crowd… But I really couldn’t help myself; everyone was at it!

So a few years down the line, it is really no wonder that she (my young relative) would have already discovered how to get onto facebook and is more than able to go around and commit atrocities such as attempting to add me!

Another (funny!) situation was my niece. She rang her aunt with her mother’s phone while she was in bed and supposed to be in lalaland. She’s barely out of diapers! Yes, you read right! And that, I have absolutely zero explanations for.

Can you remember what life was like without computers?

Take a second and think of the days when the very pervasive force that is computers didn’t exist. Can you remember?

I know I can’t!

Matter of fact, I find it hard to think of the days people would meet up and they didn’t have mobile phones. What if you couldn’t make it and had to cancel? What would happen then? Would the other party have to wait endlessly with absolutely zero idea of what is going on?

I know, I know, I’ve been tainted: I honestly couldn’t live like that!

It is important to mention though the fact that the term “computers” here refers to anything that makes life EASIER. From your mobile phone to your dish washers and washing machines, to talking fridges and self driving cars and even the revolutionary computers that keep people alive (such as ventilators which compose a part of the much larger life support genre) and so on and so forth!

The list is virtually (pun intended) endless!

How did we ever survive without them?

Think about it, in a day, how many of these devices do you come across? We won’t even go that far, just from the moment you wake up, to the point where you get into the office.

Let’s face it; Computers are changing the way we live. Soon, they will become unavoidable. Actually, who am I kidding, we’re basically at that point! Let us not cheat ourselves and face reality: it only gets worse from here!

So, if you’re not with it, do yourself a favour and get with it!

If you own a small business, you are missing out on the opportunities that computers are creating for you and your business. Coupled with social media, technology could be the link that you are looking for!

If you are feeling lost and scared, don’t worry! (Trumpets!) Swiftweb will help you create and maintain your very own website, social media pages, host your email and much more… You name it! We are here to help you decipher the complicated world that is technology and make sure you get with it!


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