It’s time to let go!

To me, losing a phone is almost as bad as a break up!

I like to think I am a very simple and practical human being.

I’m not all about the flashy phones. If it makes calls and sends sms’s, it’s fine!

I’m not about the flashy cars. If it gets you from point A to B without breaking down, it’s fine!

I’m not about the flashy clothes either! If it covers all the …interesting… bits then it’s all FINE!

But recently, my oh-so-loyal phone had the equivalent of a stroke.

It went off a series of times without claiming low battery and when I finally managed to revive it, the in-built speaker that allows you to hear what the person on the other end of the line is saying had ceased to function. Thus breaking rule number 1: If it makes calls and sends sms’s, then it’s fine!

Is it just me that this happens to?

I get really attached to my phones. I mean, they are that thing that’s always by your side. Come rain, sleet, shine or snow… Or even solar flares! They get you out of sticky situations and you can always count on them being there when you wake up in the morning, regardless of what might have happened the previous night. They wake you up without fail (even when you really don’t want to!) and more importantly, they allow you to communicate with the people you hold dear (and even the one’s you don’t! and the latter are always in plenty!)

Phones are loyal, faithful and trustworthy. Sad to say, I’m not sure that I can say the same about a few of the people I’ve crossed paths with!

But my phones are more, much more than that. Since I am a writer, they act as my inspiration sometimes (like this particular article!) and because they go everywhere with me, I tend to write my article ideas and any other Eureka! moments I might have down in them. They literally hold a part of me. Is it just me that this happens to?

What’s worse?

In my life, I’ve only had one phone stolen off me. And I was devastated. Not because the phone was particularly nice or anything, but because it was something I cherished. I’m having a little trouble deciding what’s worse though; being forced to start from scratch after a phone has been mercilessly ripped away from you or having to switch phones and lay the old to rest as you begin to develop a new and interesting relationship and understanding with the next one. Sometimes I feel as though losing a phone is like a break-up! And getting to understand the new phone is like the beginning of a relationship!

Back to the matter at hand

I’m actually rather devastated by this sad turn of events! I mean, I know the people around me will be excited to hear it because it was a Nokia 1680c that I’ve had for over 4 years now (it was doing badly)! But this phone has been there for me, even when I did get other phones that didn’t work out. It’s been used by my brother and one of my best friends when they were stuck and phoneless… I remember how I felt when I first got that phone. I was ecstatic but now, it’s time for me to let go.

The  question of how to choose a new phone with all this tech and all these choices out there will be the next article so stick around!

And don’t forget to comment!

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