Choosing THE right domain name!

Choosing THE right domain name!

For those of you who are anything like me, you like to see the whole picture of something before you get down to the nitty-gritty. So, this article will guide those of us who are not very sure about how to go about creating and choosing the right domain name. We at Swift Web technologies specialize in this so you have absolutely nothing to worry about!

Let’s make sure it is clear!

First and foremost, there are many different types of domains! So, let us be clear, we are talking about domains in the computer context. By the time you have decided you want a domain name, you probably already know what a domain is! If so, skip right to the next step! For those of us who don’t though and would like to know, says that a domain (in computer terms) is: “a group of computers and devices on a network that are administered under the same protocol” or, “the top level in a name, indicating the type of organization, geographical location, or both, and officially designated in the suffix, as .com for commercial enterprises in the U.S.” The definition we will work with is the latter definition. We must also realize that there are two components of a domain: the entire domain name (e.g. and the latter part, the suffix (

How to find out which domain suffixes are available to you.

Computer Hope has a very good suffix database that is listed country by country. This means that some suffixes are available simply because of your geographical location. That is not to say, however, that the only one(s) listed for your country is/ are the only one(s) available to you. For instance, we at Swift Web Technologies can provide the following suffixes in Kenya:
.com; .net; .org; .biz;;;;;;;;;

What determines the suffix you are going to use?

Although the choice is ultimately yours, the type of suffix you choose does send a message out to the world. There are characteristic suffixes that are used for particular companies, businesses or organizations. As you are well aware, .com is the most common and actually stands for.commercial! is more often than not going to be an organization, probably an NGO. is likely to be a mobile company website and in Kenya, is likely to represent an educational institution.

Although these rules are not cast in steel, choosing a suffix largely depends on what message you want to send out about your company!

How to choose the right domain name!

Once you have chosen your suffix, you can go ahead and choose the right domain name. The best way to go about this is to use your registered company, business or organization name. This is because interested parties (clients and the likes!) will find it easier to remember your website if you maintain it as your business name! Case in point, if we at Swift Web hadn’t maintained our website as, and had we used, very few people would remember it! Not to mention the fact that many people would question our credibility. If you don’t want to use your business name, you can use something relevant to what it is you do!

Also, when someone runs a search on any search engine with words that are relevant to your company or what it is you do, if you do it right, your website should appear on the first few pages of the search and bring more traffic right to you!

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